What is a DMC?

Here at MBC Travel, we pride ourselves at being a leading DMC operating in Rhodes, Greece. But what exactly is a DMC?

Tourism and travelling industry has expanded over the years, now encompassing various specialised categories one of which is destination management.

A destination management company, abbreviated as DMC, essentially acts as an extension of your company, providing in-depth knowledge about a destination as well as assistance for the arrangement of various events at the selected destination. In other words, it is an event management company to which you may outsource your operations for the organisation of an event at a location other than your base.

Typically, services offered by a destination management company include the arrangement of:

Gala dinners
Meet and greet sessions
Transfers or transportation
Themed events
Hotel accommodation
Conference venues
Access to restaurants

Housing a team of professionals who are familiar with the local culture and proficient in the use of local language and vernacular, DMCs also extend support for overcoming language barriers.

Expected to offer creative and professional assistance, DMCs are perceived as trusted bodies of helpful individuals who can be easily trusted and relied upon. Additionally, having a vast business network in the local area, DMCs are usually able to offer superior services at preferential rates.

Destination management companies focus on clients’ specific needs and purpose behind travelling and accordingly render their services to ensure that the latter’s expectations are met.

In case a company or an organisation is interested in arranging a trip to or an event at a selected destination, it needs to acquire the support of a DMC to make sure that all the travelling, accommodation and other requirements are aptly met.

A DMC considers a company’s objectives and accordingly offers alternatives that correspond to dining, tourist attractions, venues, transportation, etc. Hence, the company is able to choose an option that it finds most suitable.